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       Cherry Hill Hunting Preserve
      706-444-7110  or  706-799-7440
        E-Mail MeDog341@gmail.com
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If you want to shoot a few times and bag a bunch of birds that will cost you an extra $6-$8 each, go somewhere else. If you want to shoot a bunch of times at "wild" birds, come see us. We are one of the few preserves that employ the use of Johnnie houses to release birds. Our quail hunts are based on quail released and not birds killed. Because some of our quail do adapt to the wild, it is posible to kill more birds than released and yet it still cost you the same thing. Our prices even include packaging of your cleaned birds. We have a 2 hunter minimum, but our hunts work best with groups of 3. Since our prices are based on birds released, the more hunters you bring the more birds we release. With 2 hunters you spend half your time actually shooting at quail. The rest of the time you're hunting the birds you missed (you will miss). With 3 hunters there are enough birds released you spend more time shooting and less time hunting down singles. With 4 hunters we have 2 hunters on the ground walking and 2 following in the jeep. It sounds like you only get half the shooting, but in reality there are so many quail released someone is shooting at a bird all the time. Instead of spending half your time walking around looking for singles you spend half your time resting at the jeep watching your buddies shoot. Usually out of the 4 hunters, one can shoot really well and bags a bunch of quail, one couldn't hit a bull in the butt even if he was locked in the barn with it. He gets lots of shooting, but usually misses. The other hunters get to capitalize on those "extra" quail and round out your bounty of the "wild" quail to take home. With large groups (5-12) we'll break up into smaller groups of 2 or 3 and hunt different areas.
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