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       Cherry Hill Hunting Preserve
      706-444-7110  or  706-799-7440
        E-Mail MeDog341@gmail.com
Let's Hunt! Quail Hunts Gallery Rates
Shooting fish can be like a hot dove shoot with no bag limit. The first time I take you we'll shoot the Savannah River where the shooting is fast and furious. Just like every dove is flying at a different height and speed, every fish is swimming at a different depth and angle. There is a deflection of light that makes the fish look higher than they really are. By shooting low, the splash of the arrow does not distort your view of the fish. Your arrow looks like a torpedo sailing through the water toward it's target. In the river, most of the fish you'll see are 2-4 lb suckers, there are only a few trophy fish. But, since you'll have the opportunity to shoot literally 1000 times apiece during a full nights charter, it doesn't take long to "get the hang of it". After you get used to aiming low, we'll go to the lake where you'll only shoot a few hundred times in a night, but you stand a better chance of seeing a 10-15 lb gar, a 20-30 lb carp, or a 50+ lb catfish. Besides shooting fish, it is an adventure just being on the water at night. You'll see beaver, turtles, gators.... It's also interesting to see what lies under water. I've found everything from a safe to a satilite dish. My prices are the same for 1 to 3 people. All gear will be provided.
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